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Dr Ashis Das

Senior Professor Molecular Parasitology,Immunoparasitology,Molecula... View Profile

Dr Samit Chattopadhyay

Senior Professor current Focused Research: The interphase nucleus i... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Kumar Verma

Professor Environmental Biotechnology, Biosorption ... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Panwar

Professor Nano-biotechnology, Microbial Biotechnology, Arbus... View Profile

Dr Prabhat Nath Jha

Professor Microbial Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Perinkulam Ravi Deepa

Professor Medical Biochemistry... View Profile

Dr Shibasish Chowdhury

Professor Bioinformatics and Computational Biology... View Profile

Prof Vishal Saxena

Professor Molecular Parasitology... View Profile

Prof Vidya Rajesh

Professor Malaria vaccine candidates, Analysis of candidate ... View Profile

Dr Ramakrishna Vadrevu

Professor Structural Biology; Protein Folding; Protein Desi... View Profile

Dr Nishith Gupta

Professor Parasite-Host Interactions, Metabolism & Signaling... View Profile

Dr Dibakar Chakrabarty

Professor Therapeutic use of natural toxins. Currently wo... View Profile

Dr Meenal Kowshik

Professor Biofunctionalization of silver based nanocomposite... View Profile

Dr Srikanth Mutnuri

Professor The focus of my laboratory is on Sustainable Devel... View Profile

Dr Vijayashree Nayak

Professor Area of research involves tissue engineering and N... View Profile

Dr Utpal Roy

Professor Microbial Biotechnology with special reference to ... View Profile

Dr Angshuman Sarkar

Professor Animal Cell Technology, Cancer Biology and Experim... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Mehrotra

Professor Promoter Biology (Stress responsive designer promo... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor Plant Biochemistry... View Profile

Dr Rajdeep Chowdhury

Associate Professor Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Rita Sharma

Associate Professor Plant Biotechnology and Computational Biology... View Profile

Dr Shilpi Garg

Associate Professor Molecular Parasitology... View Profile

Dr Sudeshna Mukherjee Chowdhury

Associate Professor Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Syamantak Majumder

Associate Professor Epigenetics and Vascular Biology... View Profile

Dr Uma Shukla Dubey

Associate Professor Immunology & Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Bhagavatula Vani

Associate Professor Abiotic stress biology... View Profile

Dr Kumar Pranav Narayan

Associate Professor Liposomal Gene delivery system for targeted therap... View Profile

Dr Palani Sankar Ganesh

Associate Professor Environment and energy, Anaerobic digestion, Nano(... View Profile

Dr Naga Mohan Kommu

Associate Professor Human Molecular Genetics, Epigenetic mechanisms of... View Profile

Dr Jayati Ray Dutta

Associate Professor Microbial Enzymology and its applications in biofu... View Profile

Prof Sridev Mohapatra

Associate Professor Plant-microbial interaction, plant signaling, stre... View Profile

Dr Debashree Bandyopadhyay

Associate Professor Structure function relationship in macromolecular ... View Profile

Dr Arnab Banerjee

Associate Professor Working in the following area: 1. Polyamine effec... View Profile

Dr Veeky Baths

Associate Professor Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroscience-Inspired Arti... View Profile

Dr Malabika Biswas

Associate Professor The genus Staphylococcus belongs to the family Sta... View Profile


Associate Professor The molecular and structural mechanism of biofilms... View Profile

Dr Judith Maria Braganca

Associate Professor Biodiversity of Halophiles from solar salterns, Bi... View Profile

Dr Anasuya Ganguly

Associate Professor Exploring the potential of stem cells in creating ... View Profile

Dr Kundan Kumar

Associate Professor Plant molecular biology and stress physiology, Pla... View Profile

Dr Sukanta Mondal

Associate Professor Understanding of complex biological processes by i... View Profile

Dr Sandhya Mehrotra

Associate Professor Carbon fixation and sequestration; enhancing crop... View Profile

Dr Tusar Tirtha Saha

Associate Professor Molecular biologist who works on various insects... View Profile

Prof Amartya Sanyal

Associate Professor 3D Chromatin Organization, Epigenetics, Gene Regul... View Profile

Dr Meghana Tare

Assistant Professor Cellular and Molecular Genetics of Human Diseases... View Profile

Dr Mukul Joshi

Assistant Professor Plant Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Sandhya Marathe

Assistant Professor Host-Pathogen Interaction... View Profile

Dr Vivek Sharma

Assistant Professor Role of Non-coding RNAs in regulation of gene expr... View Profile

Dr Trinath Jamma

Assistant Professor Inflammation, Metabolism, Cell Signaling, Gut Micr... View Profile

Dr Gireesha Thipperudrappa Mohannath

Assistant Professor Epigenetics of Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene regulatio... View Profile

Dr Ruchi Jain Dey

Assistant Professor Mucosal Associated Invariant T cells (MAITs), dysb... View Profile

Dr Piyush Khandelia

Assistant Professor Role of RNA epigenetics and regulatory RNAs in reg... View Profile

Dr Pragya Komal

Assistant Professor Ion-Channels and neuropsychiatric disorders, Nicot... View Profile

Dr Shuvadeep Maity

Assistant Professor ER stress, motor neuron disease, Organellar cross ... View Profile

Dr Kirtimaan Syal

Assistant Professor Host-Pathogen interaction, RNA biology, Second mes... View Profile

Dr Raviprasad Aduri

Assistant Professor Annotating RNA Protein Interactions; Elucidati... View Profile

Dr Indrani Talukdar

Assistant Professor Identification of protein kinases involved in barr... View Profile

Dr Balakumaran Chandrasekar

Assistant Professor My research interests are centered around glycans ... View Profile

Dr Supratim Ghosh

Assistant Professor Algal Biorefineries, Halophilic Biorefineries for ... View Profile