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Dr Inkollu Sreedhar

Professor Catalysis, Reaction Engineering, Environmental Che... View Profile

Dr Jaideep Chatterjee

Professor Water Purification, Air Purification, Membrane and... View Profile

Dr Srinivas Krishnaswamy


Prof Srikanta Dinda

Professor Heterogeneous Reactions and Catalysis, Synthetic a... View Profile

Dr Balaji Krishnamurthy

Professor Energy systems, Batteries, Fuel cells, Microbial f... View Profile

Dr B G Prakash Kumar

Professor Energy and Environment: Nanomaterial synthesis and... View Profile

Prof Ramesh Babu Adusumalli

Professor Pulp and Paper technology, Polymers and Composite ... View Profile

Dr Sampatrao Dagu Manjare

Professor Environmental management systems separation proces... View Profile

Dr Saroj Sundar Baral

Professor waste water treatment, separation processes, atmos... View Profile

Prof Smita Raghuvanshi

Professor Environmental Engineering & Separation Processes... View Profile

Dr Banasri Roy

Professor 1. Nano catalyst systems 2. Hydrogen produ... View Profile

Dr Suresh Gupta

Professor Environmental Engineering & Separation Processes R... View Profile

Prof Pratik Nitinchandra Sheth

Professor Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis Modeling Simula... View Profile

Dr Vivek Rangarajan

Associate Professor Biosurfactants for various applications... View Profile

Dr Etika Krishna Chaitanya

Associate Professor My research group at BITS Pilani is working to dev... View Profile

Dr Manjuri Kumar

Associate Professor Design and synthesis of Copper and Zinc complexes ... View Profile

Dr Anirban Roy

Associate Professor Thermodynamics;Water – Energy Nexus;Biomedical D... View Profile

Dr Karthik Chethan Venkateshan

Associate Professor Material science, Biomaterials, Tissue engineering... View Profile

Dr Kuncharam Bhanu Vardhan Reddy

Associate Professor Gas Separation; Membrane Separations; Mixed Matrix... View Profile

Dr Sharad Sontakke

Associate Professor Application of Data Science in Chemical Engineerin... View Profile

Prof Vikranth Kumar Surasani

Associate Professor Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Multiphase flow in P... View Profile


Associate Professor Materials Science, Computer aided product design, ... View Profile

Dr Purnima Doddipatla

Associate Professor Waste utilization, Natural fibre reinforced compos... View Profile

Dr Srinivas Appari

Associate Professor Catalysis, Kinetic modeling... View Profile

Dr Hare Krishna Mohanta

Associate Professor Advanced Process Control Process Monitoring and Co... View Profile


Associate Professor Micro/ Nano Fabrication, BioMEMS, Sensors, Polymer... View Profile

Dr Samir Ramdas Kale

Associate Professor Process Safety: Avoiding unsafe acts and unsafe co... View Profile

Dr Pradipta Chattopadhyay

Associate Professor Foams and Foam based applications Surfactants and ... View Profile

Dr Shambojit Roy

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Engaged in areas of cellular targeting and cancer ... View Profile

Dr Iyman Abrar

Assistant Professor Emulsions and microemulsions; Sustainable alternat... View Profile

Dr Murchana Changmai

Assistant Professor Kinetic Modelling for Catalyst Deactivation, Extra... View Profile

Dr Ramendra Kishor Pal

Assistant Professor Biomaterials, Biochemical sensors, Soft electronic... View Profile

Dr Arnab Dutta

Assistant Professor Process Simulation, Process Integration, Optimizat... View Profile

Dr Nandini Bhandaru

Assistant Professor Nanotechnology, Soft Lithography, Superhydrophobic... View Profile

Dr Mohit Garg

Assistant Professor Chemical engineering... View Profile

Dr Afkham Mir

Assistant Professor Energy storage devices, 2D materials, graphene, en... View Profile

Dr Debirupa Mitra

Assistant Professor Surface modification for healthcare application An... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Chandrakant Patankar

Assistant Professor Waste management and valorisation; Green Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Puneet Siwach

Assistant Professor Semiconductor Materials for Solar Energy Conversio... View Profile

Dr Manas Ranjan Behera

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Samarshi Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Nanofluids; LDH nanomaterials; Gas Hydrates; Polym... View Profile

Dr Souvik Kumar Paul

Assistant Professor Catalytic and enzymatic conversion of lignocellulo... View Profile

Dr Upasana Mahanta

Assistant Professor Non-aqueous solvents; Phase equilibria and thermo... View Profile

Dr Mrunalini K. Gaydhane

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials for drug delivery, agriculture and e... View Profile

Dr Amarthaluri Satyapaul Singh

Assistant Professor Heterogeneous Catalysis; Photocatalysis; Clean Ene... View Profile

Dr Jay Pandey

Assistant Professor Dr. Jay has completed his Ph. D in Chemical Engine... View Profile

Dr Amol Deshpande

Assistant Professor Unmixed Combustion (or Chemical Looping Combustion... View Profile

Dr Riju De

Assistant Professor My research interests lie in the area of process s... View Profile

Dr Sarbani Ghosh

Assistant Professor Hydrogen storage in nanoporous material Material ... View Profile

Dr Priya Christina Sande

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics Petroleum Engineering... View Profile

Dr Amit Jain

Assistant Professor Active research areas: 1) Bioremediation of Waste ... View Profile

Dr Ajaya Kumar Pani

Assistant Professor Process Control Process Modelling Virtual Instrume... View Profile

Mr Santosh Khangave

Assistant Professor The chemical engineering process modeling, simulat... View Profile

Dr Somak Chatterjee


Dr Asima Shaukat

Assistant Professor The current research interests of the faculty are ... View Profile

Dr Paramita Haldar

Assistant Professor My current research encompasses the area of molecu... View Profile

Dr Ramji Sundari

Assistant Professor Transport Phenomena, Multiphase flows, Microfluidi... View Profile

Dr Richa Singhal

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials synthesis, Electrospinning, Electroc... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Sow

Assistant Professor Hydrogen Energy;New diagnostic tools for understa... View Profile

Prof Sutapa Roy Ramanan

Senior Professor Study of Hydroxyapatite nanoparticle interactions ... View Profile

Prof Srinivasan Madapusi

Senior Professor Nano-scale engineering for energy and environment,... View Profile

Dr Arvind K Sharma

Visiting Professor Environmental Engineering | Environmental Biote... View Profile

Dr Lakshminarayanan Samavedham

Visiting Professor Chemical... View Profile

Dr Jayita Chopra

Visiting Faculty Bioprocess optimization, fermentation, biofuel pro... View Profile