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Dr Purushothaman Bhavana

Professor Bioinorganic chemistry... View Profile

Dr Prakash Halan

Professor Synthesis of macrocyclic ligands and metal complex... View Profile

Dr Mainak Banerjee

Professor Heterogeneous catalysis: Syntheses of chiral catal... View Profile

Dr Anjan Chattopadhyay

Professor Theoretical and Computational Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Narendra Nath Ghosh

Professor Materials Science :(i) Development of New and Nove... View Profile

Dr Surojit Pande

Professor Nanomaterial synthesis and fabrication Synthesis a... View Profile

Dr Raghu Nath Behera

Professor Theoretical and computational chemistry particular... View Profile

Dr Amrita Chatterjee

Professor Molecular sensors using Aggregation-Induced emissi... View Profile

Dr Ranjan Dey

Professor Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Liquid... View Profile

Dr Subbalakshmi Jayanty

Professor Design, Synthesis, Characterisation and study of n... View Profile

Dr Ramakrishnan Ganesan

Professor Lithography (photo, e-beam, nanoimprint etc), Func... View Profile

Dr Sounak Roy

Professor Catalysis for Alternate Energy and Environment, Na... View Profile

Prof Anupam Bhattacharya

Professor Synthesis of fused heterocycles and their applicat... View Profile

Dr Manab Chakravarty

Professor Synthesis of organic functional materials for soli... View Profile

Dr Sumithra Kanakamma

Professor Computational Chemistry; Low dimensional vdW heter... View Profile

Dr Kondapalli Venkata Gowri Chandra Sekhar

Professor Medicinal and Synthetic Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Shamik Chakraborty

Professor Non-covalent interactions: Hydrogen bonding, halog... View Profile

Dr Amit Nag

Professor Fluorescence and Laser Spectroscopy, Plasmonics, D... View Profile

Prof Ajay Kumar Sah

Professor Synthesis of metal complexes of ligands derived fr... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar

Professor Reaction Methodology, Green Chemistry, ionic liqu... View Profile

Dr Subit Kumar Saha

Professor Steady State and Nenosecond Fluorescene spectrosco... View Profile

Dr Saumi Ray

Professor Coordination Chemistry Encapsulation and host-gues... View Profile

Dr Bharti Khungar

Professor Green Chemistry, Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemis... View Profile

Dr Seshadri Chandrasekara Sivasubramanian

Professor Amorphous Solids,Spectral Simulations,Theoretical ... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Sakhuja

Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, ... View Profile

Dr Inamur Rahaman Laskar

Professor Design and synthesis Heavy metal based AIE complex... View Profile

Prof Madhushree Sarkar

Professor "Supramolecular Chemistry and Crystal Engineering"... View Profile

Dr Indresh Kumar

Professor Asymmetric organocatalysis and its synthetic appli... View Profile

Dr Rabi Narayan Panda

Associate Professor Novel Synthesis of Inorganic and Solid State Mater... View Profile

Dr Prashant Uday Manohar

Associate Professor My major research interest lies in developing Comp... View Profile

Dr Tincy Thomas

Associate Professor Fluorescence spectroscopy and photophysical chemis... View Profile

Dr Rashmi Chauhan

Associate Professor Recent advances in living radical polymerization h... View Profile

Dr Balaji Gopalan

Associate Professor Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Nanopar... View Profile

Dr Paritosh Shukla

Associate Professor Research Focus Organic chemistry directed towards ... View Profile

Dr Durba Roy

Associate Professor Computational Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics Simula... View Profile

Dr Subhadeep Banerjee

Associate Professor Synthesis of donor-acceptor type organic molecules... View Profile

Dr Rangan Krishnan

Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Nano-... View Profile

Dr Pritam Kumar Jana

Assistant Professor Theoretical Physical Chemistry, Self-assembly of D... View Profile

Dr Avik Kumar Pati

Assistant Professor Physical Photochemistry, Fluorescence Spectroscopy... View Profile

Dr Satya Narayan Guin

Assistant Professor Solid-state inorganic chemistry, Topological mater... View Profile

Dr Satyajit Patra

Assistant Professor Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy; Nanopl... View Profile

Dr Arijit Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Crystal engineering, crystallization, crystallogra... View Profile

Dr Chanchal Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Metallopolymers, Electrochromic smart windows, Ele... View Profile

Dr Nilanjan Dey

Assistant Professor Molecular Recognition, Responsive Softmaterials, S... View Profile

Dr Sudipta Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Woormileela Sinha

Assistant Professor Develop metal-based catalysts for the generation o... View Profile

Dr Sourav Bag

Assistant Professor Materials electrochemistry, Electrochemical energy... View Profile

Dr Pralok Kumar Samanta

Assistant Professor Computational and Theoretical Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Sandip Kumar Nandi

Assistant Professor Structure-function relationships in small heat sho... View Profile

Dr Nitika Grover

Assistant Professor My research is focused on the synthetic developmen... View Profile

Dr Uttara Basu

Assistant Professor The development of metal complexes and organometal... View Profile

Dr Saurav Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Coordination Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Himanshu Aggarwal

Assistant Professor Metal-Organic Frameworks, Gas Adsorption, Crystall... View Profile

Dr Tanmay Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Development of iodine-catalyzed/mediated annulatio... View Profile

Dr Mrinmoyee Basu

Assistant Professor Synthesis of different hierarchical nanostructured... View Profile

Dr Bibhas Ranjan Sarkar

Assistant Professor Catalysis Science and Applications Materials Desig... View Profile

Dr Jayadevan K. P

Assistant Professor Synthesis and Characterization of Materials (Bulk,... View Profile

Dr Partha Sarathi Addy

Assistant Professor His main goal is to use Organic Chemistry as a too... View Profile

Dr Subhasish Roy

Assistant Professor Peptide Chemistry; Supramolecular Chemistry; Supra... View Profile

Dr Vankayala Kiran

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials for energy; Solar fuels; Water split... View Profile

Dr Ram Kinkar Roy

Senior Professor Conceptual development of DFT-based reactivity des... View Profile

Dr Dalip Kumar

Senior Professor Our research interest focuses on design and synthe... View Profile

Dr G Sundar

Senior Professor Critical Point Phenomena... View Profile

Dr Sunil Bhand

Senior Professor The focus of my research is to develop novel biose... View Profile

Prof Vijay Sethuraman

Professor of Practice ... View Profile

Prof Benjaram Mahipal Reddy

Emeritus Professor Catalyst Design and Development for Energy and Env... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Kumar

Professor of Practice Synthetic organic Chemistry, Bioorganic & Medicina... View Profile

Prof Nagarathnam Rajesh

Senior Professor Environmental Remediation, Materials, Analytical C... View Profile

Dr Danaboyina Ramaiah

Senior Professor Chemistry-Materials and Chemistry-Biology Interfac... View Profile