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Dr Ajit Pratap Singh

Senior Professor Sustainable Water Resources Management, Environmen... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Gupta

Senior Professor Fluid Structure Interaction,GIS & Remote sensing, ... View Profile

Dr Sudhirkumar Barai

Senior Professor Structural Health Monitoring, Sustainable Construc... View Profile

Dr Shamsher Bahadur Singh

Senior Professor Structural Engineering, Finite Element Modeling, C... View Profile

Dr Anupam Singhal

Professor Hazardous Waste Management, Advanced water & waste... View Profile

Dr Ravi Kant Mittal

Professor Fiber Reinforced soil, Static & Dynamic behaviour ... View Profile

Dr P N Rao

Professor Sustainable Materials and Technologies, Linear and... View Profile

Dr Srinivasa Raju Komaragiri

Professor Impact of climate change on water resources, Wate... View Profile

Dr Vasan Arunachalam

Professor Systems approach to planning and management of com... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar

Associate Professor Post-peak Behavior of Reincorced Concrete and Comp... View Profile

Dr Anshuman Srivastava

Associate Professor Finite Element MethodsComputer Aided Design Soil S... View Profile

Dr Dipendu Bhunia

Associate Professor Performance Based Seismic Design Earthquake Resis... View Profile

Dr Shuvendu Narayan Patel

Associate Professor Dynamic Instability of Laminated Composite Stiffen... View Profile

Dr Shibani Khanra Jha

Associate Professor Modelling and Simulation of Geo-thermal Reservoir,... View Profile

Dr Chandu Parimi

Associate Professor Structural Engineering, eXtended Finite Element Me... View Profile

Dr Arkamitra Kar

Associate Professor Development and characterization and of concrete w... View Profile

Dr Bahurudeen A

Associate Professor Development of new alternative construction materi... View Profile

Dr Jagadeesh Anmala

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Hydraulics and Wate... View Profile

Dr Murari Raja Raja Varma

Associate Professor Hydrology, Water quality and transport in Natural ... View Profile

Dr Vijayapuri Vinayaka Ram

Associate Professor Prof. Vinayaka Ram works in the areas of sustainab... View Profile

Dr Sridhar Raju

Associate Professor Utilization of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Bitum... View Profile

Dr Anasua GuhaRay

Associate Professor Reliability Application in Geotechnical Engineerin... View Profile

Dr Mohan S.C.

Assistant Professor Structural Damage Assessment Structural Dynamics ... View Profile

Dr G Muthukumar

Assistant Professor Earthquake resistant Analysis & Design of Concrete... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Structural engineering... View Profile

Dr Mukund Lahoti

Assistant Professor Construction materials... View Profile

Dr Nishant Roy

Assistant Professor Seismic Behavior of Underground Structures Tunne... View Profile

Dr Rallapalli Srinivas

Assistant Professor Watershed Modeling, Environmental Hydrology, Fuzzy... View Profile

Dr Vijay Bajirao Kakade

Assistant Professor Characterization of Pavement Material Use of Waste... View Profile

Dr Sarah Mariam Abraham

Assistant Professor Pavement Materials and Design... View Profile

Dr Sayantan Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Geotechnical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Subhasis Pradhan

Assistant Professor Sustainable Construction Materials, Concrete Techn... View Profile

Dr Shivang Shekhar

Assistant Professor Emphasizes on assessing the impact of corrosion de... View Profile

Dr Raghu Piska

Assistant Professor Computational Mechanics, Phase field modeling of d... View Profile

Dr K Rajitha

Assistant Professor SAR image processing for wetland characterization,... View Profile

Dr Bandhan Bandhu Majumdar

Assistant Professor Travel behavior and choice modelling, Non-motorize... View Profile

Dr Prasanta Kumar Sahu

Assistant Professor Freight Demand Modelling and Planning for Logistic... View Profile

Dr Durgesh Vikram

Assistant Professor Traffic Engineering, Traffic Flow Theory, Routing ... View Profile

Dr Kamalesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Wave propagation in soil, Geotechnical earthquake ... View Profile

Dr Selva Balaji M

Assistant Professor Groundwater Hydrology; Experimental Hydraulics; Co... View Profile

Dr Meghana S. Charde

Assistant Professor Passive Solar Architecture Sustainability in Buil... View Profile

Dr Mary Dilip Deepthi

Assistant Professor Uncertainty Quantification Reliability Analysis o... View Profile

Dr Brij Kishor Pandey

Assistant Professor Hydrological Modeling, Climate change Impact and P... View Profile

Dr Akshay Venkateshwaran

Assistant Professor Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Reinforced Concre... View Profile

Dr Vivek Balachandra Kartha

Assistant Professor Seismic soil-structure interaction, Site response ... View Profile

Dr Pubali Mandal

Assistant Professor Civil engineering... View Profile