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Dr Arun Kumar Giri

Professor Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Applied Econom... View Profile

Mr N Venkata Muralidhar Rao

Professor Economics, Agriculture Economics, Business Economi... View Profile

Dr Arya Kumar

Professor Entrepreneurship ... View Profile

Prof Niranjan Swain

Professor Business Analysis & Valuation, Financial Markets I... View Profile

Dr Mridula Goel

Professor Development Economics; Gender Issues; Innovation &... View Profile

Prof Vivekananda Mukherjee

Professor Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics, Institut... View Profile

Dr Geetilaxmi Mohapatra

Associate Professor Environmental Economics, Development Economics, Be... View Profile

Dr Raghunathan Rajasekaran

Associate Professor Women Entrepreneurship, Competency Mapping, Negoti... View Profile

Dr Aswini Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor Current areas of research include applied developm... View Profile

Prof Chundru V V S N V Prasad

Associate Professor Supply Chain Management, Information and Communica... View Profile

Dr Debasis Patnaik

Associate Professor Social Sciences, Industrial Economics, Productivit... View Profile

Dr Krishna Muniyoor

Assistant Professor Public Policy Economic Development Energy Economi... View Profile

Dr Rajan Pandey

Assistant Professor Modeling and forecasting volatility of financial a... View Profile

Dr Rahul Arora

Assistant Professor International Trade, Trade Policy... View Profile

Dr Byomakesh Debata

Assistant Professor Financial Economics; Computational Finance; Beh... View Profile

Dr Balakrushna Padhi

Assistant Professor Employment and Growth, Informality, Migration, Pov... View Profile

Dr China Hussain Yaganti

Assistant Professor Commodity Futures Markets; Derivatives and Risk Ma... View Profile

Dr Durgesh Chandra Pathak

Assistant Professor Development Economics; Poverty & Inequality Analy... View Profile

Dr Sudatta Banerjee

Assistant Professor Applied Developmental Issues; Gender and Developme... View Profile

Dr Archana Srivastava

Assistant Professor International Trade Theories; Efficiency and Prod... View Profile

Dr Swati Alok

Assistant Professor Career/conflict management, Gender Studies, health... View Profile

Dr Rishi Kumar

Assistant Professor Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Tim... View Profile

Dr Thota Nagaraju

Assistant Professor Financial Economics; Development Economics... View Profile

Dr Dushyant Kumar

Assistant Professor Development Economics;Quantitative Economics... View Profile

Dr Arfat Ahmad Sofi

Assistant Professor Applied Development Economics, Public Economics, E... View Profile

Dr Javed Ahmad Bhat

Assistant Professor Empirical Macroeconomics; International Economics ... View Profile

Dr Rajorshi Sen Gupta

Assistant Professor Economics of Innovation and Intellectual Property;... View Profile

Dr Richa Shukla

Assistant Professor Economics of R&D, innovation strategy, industry st... View Profile

Dr Ritika Jaiswal

Assistant Professor Financial Economics; Financial Instruments; Asset ... View Profile

Dr Suman Gupta

Assistant Professor Behavioral Finance; Behavioral Accounting; Non-lin... View Profile

Dr Mini P Thomas

Assistant Professor International Trade and Global Value Chains; Servi... View Profile

Dr Sunny Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor Macro-Monetary Policy; Central Banking; Finance an... View Profile

Dr Bheemeshwar A Reddy

Assistant Professor His research interests include labour economics, i... View Profile

Dr Nivedita Sinha

Assistant Professor Her teaching interests are in the field of Corpora... View Profile

Dr Shreya Biswas

Assistant Professor Household finance; Corporate governance; Public po... View Profile

Dr Debi Prasad Bal

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Energy Economics... View Profile

Dr Yadawananda Neog

Assistant Professor Public Finance, Macroeconomics, Political Economic... View Profile

Dr Aprajita Pandey

Assistant Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Ramappagari Manogna

Visiting Faculty Financial Econometrics, Corporate Finance, Agricul... View Profile