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Prof Prasanna Kumar Nekkare

Professor Geometric Function Theory, Approximation Theory, M... View Profile

Prof Danumjaya Palla

Professor Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Mathem... View Profile

Dr Dipak Kumar Satpathi

Professor Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems, Flui... View Profile

Dr Bivudutta Mishra

Professor Cosmology, Relativity, Extended Theory of Gravity,... View Profile

Prof Pradyumn Kumar Sahoo

Professor Theoretical cosmological models in modified gravit... View Profile

Dr Gopalakrishnan Venkiteswaran

Professor Numerical Solution of PDEs... View Profile

Prof Tarkeshwar Singh

Professor Graph Labeling Problems (Graceful Labeling and Sk... View Profile

Prof Rakhee Kulshrestha

Professor Applied Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes,... View Profile

Prof Balram Dubey

Professor Mathematical Modelling... View Profile

Dr Devendra Dinesh Kumar

Professor Singular perturbations, Numerical solutions of ODE... View Profile

Dr Chandra Shekhar

Professor Queueing theory, Stochastic processes, Fuzzy logic... View Profile

Dr Bhupendra Kumar Sharma

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modelin... View Profile

Dr A Michael Alphonse

Associate Professor Harmonic Analysis : We study the discrete version ... View Profile

Dr Sai Lakshmi Radhika Tantravahi

Associate Professor Fluid mechanics, Bio-fluid mechanics... View Profile

Dr PTV Praveen Kumar

Associate Professor Multivariate data analysis, Bio statistics ... View Profile

Dr Manish Kumar

Associate Professor Pseudo-Differential Operators, Distribution Theory... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar Pandey

Associate Professor Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear Waves, ... View Profile

Dr Naraparaju Kishore Kumar

Associate Professor Numerical solutions to elliptic partial differenti... View Profile

Dr Jajati Keshari Sahoo

Associate Professor Numerical Linear Algebra; Tensor Analysis and Mult... View Profile

Dr Santanu Koley

Associate Professor Boundary Element Method (Theory & Applications), I... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma

Associate Professor Seismic Wave propagation ,Theoretical Seismology, ... View Profile

Dr Jaganmohan Jonnalagadda

Associate Professor Differential Equations, Difference Equations, Frac... View Profile

Dr Venkata Ratnam Kota

Associate Professor Dynamic optimization Mathematical modelling Neural... View Profile

Dr Ashish Tiwari

Associate Professor Flow through porous media Creeping flow Physiologi... View Profile

Dr Shivi Agarwal

Associate Professor Fuzzy Set Theory, Neural Networks... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar (Pundir)

Associate Professor Control Theory; Ordinary and Partial Differential ... View Profile

Dr Krishnendra Shekhawat

Associate Professor Geometric Graph Theory, Computational Design... View Profile

Dr Sumanta Pasari

Associate Professor Statistical Seismology 2. Forecasting of Renewable... View Profile

Dr Amit Setia

Associate Professor Wavelet based Numerical Methods, Singular Integral... View Profile

Dr Jitender Kumar

Associate Professor Algebra... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar

Associate Professor Uncertainity Quantification, Low Rank Approximatio... View Profile

Dr Sabyasachi Dey

Assistant Professor Symmetric Key Cryptography.... View Profile

Dr Nijjwal Karak

Assistant Professor Geometric Analysis: Analysis on metrc measure spac... View Profile

Dr Jhuma Sen Gupta

Assistant Professor Parabolic Problems, Parabolic interface Problems, ... View Profile

Dr Kakumani Bhargav Kumar

Assistant Professor Population Dynamics, Partial Differential Equation... View Profile

Dr Debopam Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Algebraic number theory, Elliptic curves, and elli... View Profile

Dr Rohit Gupta

Assistant Professor Permutation polynomials; Finite Fields... View Profile

Dr Deepika Baweja

Assistant Professor Infinite Dimensional Holomorphy, Multilinear Ext... View Profile

Dr Gujji Murali Mohan Reddy

Assistant Professor Adaptive Finite Element Methods, PIDEs and Interfa... View Profile

Dr Nirman Ganguly

Assistant Professor Quantum Information Theory... View Profile

Dr Pratyusha Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor Algebra... View Profile

Dr Debolina Ghatak

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Pramod Eyyunni

Assistant Professor Partitions, Number Theory... View Profile

Dr Nemili Anil

Assistant Professor Mesh free methods for compressible flows, optimal ... View Profile

Dr Shailesh Trivedi

Assistant Professor I did my Ph.D. in Local Spectral Theory of Composi... View Profile

Dr Sushil Bhunia

Assistant Professor Linear Algebraic Groups and Geometric Group Theory... View Profile

Dr Padinhatteeri Sajith

Assistant Professor Problems related to Graph theory and Combinatorics... View Profile

Dr Sayan Ghosh

Assistant Professor Contingency Tables, Missing Data Analysis, Paired ... View Profile

Dr Rahul Kumar

Assistant Professor Commutative Algebra... View Profile

Dr Farida Parvez Barbhuiya

Assistant Professor Queueing Theory, Stochastic Modeling... View Profile

Dr Sangita Yadav

Assistant Professor Finite Element Methods... View Profile

Dr Anushaya Mohapatra

Assistant Professor Dynamical Systems, Time-Dependent and Open Dynamic... View Profile

Dr Gunja Sachdeva

Assistant Professor Number Theory, Representation Theory, Algebra... View Profile

Dr Himadri Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Commutative Algebra, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, ... View Profile

Dr Anupama Sharma

Assistant Professor Mathematical Modelling; Mathematical Biology... View Profile

Dr Divyum Sharma

Assistant Professor Number Theory... View Profile

Dr Saranya G Nair

Assistant Professor Diophantine equations and approximations, analytic... View Profile

Dr Anirudh Singh Rana

Assistant Professor Fluid dynamics, Micro/Nanofludics, Finite Volume m... View Profile

Dr Sharan Gopal

Assistant Professor Topological dynamics... View Profile

Dr Mayank Goel

Assistant Professor Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Control Theory, ... View Profile

Dr Yasmeen S Akhtar

Assistant Professor Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorial Testing... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Dwivedi

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Minhajul Minhajul

Assistant Professor Partial Differential Equations, Hyperbolic Conserv... View Profile

Dr Shilpa Gondhali

Assistant Professor Algebraic Topology. Topological K theory. Homotopy... View Profile

Dr Monojit Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Operators on Hilbert Spaces, Reproducing Kernel Hi... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Boggarapu

Assistant Professor Harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces (in Dunkl se... View Profile

Dr Prabal Paul

Assistant Professor Cryptography; Number theory; Coding theory... View Profile

Prof M Thamban Nair

Visiting Professor Functional Analysis. Specifically: Operator Equati... View Profile

Prof Amiya Kumar Pani

Visiting Professor Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations... View Profile