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Prof Souvik Bhattacharyya

Vice Chancellor Transcritical CO2 systems, Natural Refrigerants, N... View Profile

Dr Kuldip Singh Sangwan

Senior Professor Smart Manufacturing, Green manufacturing, lean man... View Profile

Dr Srinivasa Prakash Regalla

Senior Professor Sheet metal forming, additive manufacturing and 3D... View Profile

Dr Srikanta Routroy

Professor Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Analytics, O... View Profile

Dr Mani Sankar Dasgupta

Professor Mechanical Engineering Design,Application of Fuzzy... View Profile

Dr Bijay Kumar Rout

Professor Industrial and Mobile Robotics, Design Optimizatio... View Profile

Dr Periaswamy Srinivasan

Professor Production Engineering... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Gupta

Professor Constrained groove pressing; Sheet metal forming; ... View Profile

Dr Venkat Daseswara Rao Yendluri

Professor Kinematics of Machines and Robotics, Structural Dy... View Profile

Dr Narala Suresh Kumar Reddy

Professor High speed machining; Finite Element Modeling an... View Profile

Dr Sandip Shridharrao Deshmukh

Professor IC Engines; Renewable Energy Planning & System Siz... View Profile

Dr Dhananjay Madhukar Kulkarni

Professor 3-D Printing (for Space Components and Orthopedic ... View Profile

Dr Pravin Madanrao Singru

Professor Dynamics, Vibration, Musical Acoustics, Acoustics,... View Profile

Dr Ramanujam Karthikeyan

Professor Materials Testing, Welding, Tribo-Corrosion, Dat... View Profile

Dr Abhijeet Keshaorao Digalwar

Associate Professor World Class Manufacturing Sustainable Manufacturin... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar Soni

Associate Professor Thermodynamics, Solar Thermal, Renewable Energy, E... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Prasad Mishra

Associate Professor Maintenance Management, Quality Management, Operat... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Jalan

Associate Professor Fault Diagnosis Machinery Condition Monitoring Aco... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Singh Rathore

Associate Professor Machine Design Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sharad Shrivastava

Associate Professor Non-destructive testing, composite materials, biom... View Profile

Dr Sabareesh Geetha Rajasekharan

Associate Professor (1) Fluid Structure Interaction (2) Wind Engineeri... View Profile

Dr Ravindran Sujith

Associate Professor Graphene and 2D materials Mesoporous materials for... View Profile

Dr Amrita Priyadarshini

Associate Professor Machinability studies; Manufacturing process opti... View Profile

Dr Morapakala Srinivas

Associate Professor Energy, Thermal engineering, multi criteria evalua... View Profile

Dr Jeevan Jaidi

Associate Professor Applied research studies, specific to industrial s... View Profile

Dr Rajagopalan Parameshwaran

Associate Professor Thermal Energy Storage Technologies; Nanomaterial... View Profile

Dr Ganesarethinam Karthikeyan

Associate Professor Micromachining... View Profile

Dr Ranjit Shankarrao Patil

Associate Professor Thermal Power, Energy & Fluid Engg.... View Profile

Dr Damodharrao Sachin Waigaonkar

Associate Professor Rotational Moulding... View Profile

Dr Shibu Clement

Associate Professor Computational and experimental analysis of an alte... View Profile

Dr Shashank Khurana

Associate Professor Bluff Body Aerodynamics, Passive Flow Control, D... View Profile

Dr Venkatesh Kadbur Prabhakar Rao

Assistant Professor MEMS, Vibration, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Engine... View Profile

Dr Mrinal Jagirdar

Assistant Professor • Desiccant dehumidification • AWG (atmospheri... View Profile

Dr Suvanjan Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor Experimental Heat Transfer Transitional Flow Compu... View Profile

Dr Amit Rajnarayan Singh

Assistant Professor Solid and structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, no... View Profile

Dr Amol M Marathe

Assistant Professor Perturbation methods applied to a variety of dynam... View Profile

Dr Aneesh A. M.

Assistant Professor Compact heat exchangers, Multiscale thermofluidics... View Profile

Dr A R Harikrishnan

Assistant Professor Droplet evaporation, Droplet dynamics, Wetting, In... View Profile

Dr Faizan Mohammad Rashid

Assistant Professor Composite Structures, Bio-mechanics, Mechanics of ... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Watts

Assistant Professor Computational Structural Mechanics;Finite Element ... View Profile

Dr Girish Kant Garg

Assistant Professor Predictive modelling;Energy consumption ... View Profile

Dr Prateek Kala

Assistant Professor Advanced Manufacturing Process Rapid Prototyping... View Profile

Dr Sachin Ulhasrao Belgamwar

Assistant Professor MEMS Electrochemical synthesis of carbon nanotube ... View Profile

Dr Saket Verma

Assistant Professor Hydrogen fueled IC engines and hydrogen energy The... View Profile

Dr Shyam Sunder Yadav

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics Computational Fluid Dynamics High P... View Profile

Dr Tufan Chandra Bera

Assistant Professor Conventional and Unconventional Machining; CAD/CAM... View Profile

Dr Radha Raman Mishra

Assistant Professor Microwave Processing of Materials (Casting, Sinter... View Profile

Dr Tribeni Roy

Assistant Professor 1. Manufacturing (macro/micro/nano) 2. Energy st... View Profile

Dr Arshad Javed

Assistant Professor Topology optimization Compliant mechanisms Micro M... View Profile

Dr Nitin Rameshrao Kotkunde

Assistant Professor Material Testing and Characterization of Metal Hot... View Profile

Dr Pavan Kumar Penumakala

Assistant Professor Mechanics of Materials Mechanics of Composite M... View Profile

Dr Piyush Chandra Verma

Assistant Professor Surface Modification of Brake Disc; Friction & ... View Profile

Dr Brajesh Kumar Panigrahi

Assistant Professor Nonlinear structural Vibrations ; Computational M... View Profile

Dr Amol Vuppuluri

Assistant Professor Mechanics of materials; Microstructure evolution u... View Profile

Dr Kundan Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor Machining Dynamics; Structural Dynamics; High Spee... View Profile

Dr Prabakaran Saravanan

Assistant Professor Tribology of polymers, composites, carbon material... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Sarkar

Assistant Professor Biped & Quadruped walking and running gait; Compl... View Profile

Dr Suresh Kurra

Assistant Professor Sheet metal forming; Bulk metal forming; Advance... View Profile

Dr Ravi Shanker Vidyarthy

Assistant Professor Weldability study of ferrous and non ferrous syst... View Profile

Dr Pardha Saradhi Gurugubelli Venkata

Assistant Professor Computational fluid dynamics Fluid-structure inter... View Profile

Dr Santanu Prasad Datta

Assistant Professor Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Experimental Th... View Profile

Dr Ram Chandra Murthy Kalluri

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid-Structure Inte... View Profile

Dr Jalaiah Nandanavanam

Assistant Professor Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer; Fluid Dynamics & C... View Profile

Dr Supradeepan Katiresan

Assistant Professor Fluid dynamics Incompressible NS solver developmen... View Profile

Dr Satish Kumar Dubey

Assistant Professor Microfluidics Micro sensors Energy harvesting Mod... View Profile

Dr Amal S Siju

Assistant Professor Micromachining; Laser Material Processing; Surfa... View Profile

Dr K.P Ashwin

Assistant Professor Robotics and control; Mathematical modeling of phy... View Profile

Dr Biswajit Das

Assistant Professor Surface Engineering, Laser Material Processing... View Profile

Dr Devendra G Patil

Assistant Professor Smart Materials based Structures, Structural Healt... View Profile

Dr Ganesh M Bapat

Assistant Professor Biomechanics, Assistive & Medical Devices... View Profile

Dr Thiruselvam N. Iniyan

Assistant Professor Digital Image Correlation; Photogrammetry; Finite ... View Profile

Dr Kiran Dinkar Mali

Assistant Professor Mechanics,Vibrations... View Profile

Dr Nilesh D Pawar

Assistant Professor growth dynamics of droplet during condensation, co... View Profile

Dr Pritanshu Ranjan

Assistant Professor Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow, Fluid M... View Profile

Mr Ravindra Singh Saluja

Assistant Professor Modelling of material inhomogenities and predictin... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Jose

Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Siddhartha Tripathi

Assistant Professor Fluid mechanics, Bio-microfluidics... View Profile

Dr Vadiraj A Hemadri

Assistant Professor Gas Dynamics, Microfluidics... View Profile

Dr Vaibhav Joshi

Assistant Professor Fluid-structure interaction... View Profile

Dr Varinder Singh

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Engineering, Lean manufacturing mode... View Profile

Dr Vikas Chaudhari

Assistant Professor Fracture Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Murali Palla

Assistant Professor Mechanical... View Profile

Dr Priyank Upadhyaya

Assistant Professor Finite Element Modeling, Mechanical testing, Com... View Profile

Dr Vincent Shanta Kumar

Assistant Professor Metallic Glasses, Biomaterials, Indentation Behav... View Profile


Assistant Professor Direct Methanol Fuel cell, Microbial Fuel Cell, ... View Profile

Dr Snehaunshu Chowdhury

Assistant Professor Metamaterials, Combustion, CFD simulation, IC Engi... View Profile

Dr Gulshan Kumar

Assistant Professor Metal Forming, Material Characterization, Mechan... View Profile


Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sayan Das

Assistant Professor Thermaland Fluids , Droplet Micro-fluidics, Active... View Profile

Dr Jayabrata Dhar

Assistant Professor Hydrodynamic Instabilities in porous medium: Gravi... View Profile

Dr Sudhy S. Panicker

Assistant Professor Sheet metal forming, Warm & Hot forming... View Profile

Dr Soumyajit Roy

Assistant Professor Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems... View Profile


Assistant Professor Mechanical... View Profile


Assistant Professor Thin films, Nanostructures, Numerical Simulation, ... View Profile

Dr Manogna Karthik Gangaraju

Assistant Professor Additive Manufacturing; Materials Joining... View Profile

Dr Punnag Chatterjee

Assistant Professor conceptualization and analysis of novel, integrate... View Profile

Dr Jayaprakash K S

Assistant Professor Microfluidics, High throughput screening, Single-c... View Profile