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Dr Venkata Vamsi Krishna Venuganti

Professor Nano/micro-carrier mediated Drug Delivery for Tran... View Profile

Dr Ahil Sajeli Begum

Professor Discovery of novel lead molecules from medicinal p... View Profile

Dr Onkar Prakash Kulkarni

Professor Chronic and Acute Renal Inflammation; Autoimmune d... View Profile

Prof Arti Dhar

Professor Pharmacology... View Profile

Dr Anil Bhanudas Gaikwad

Professor Pharmacology ... View Profile

Dr Sankaranarayanan Murugesan

Professor Medicinal Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Taliyan

Professor Pharmacology... View Profile

Prof Swati Biswas

Professor Novel nanoparticular, acromolecular drug delivery ... View Profile

Dr Punna Rao Ravi

Professor Design and Evaluation of Novel drug delivery Syste... View Profile

Dr Hemant Ramanlal Jadhav

Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Anil B Jindal

Associate Professor Nano-carrier based targeted delivery of therapeuti... View Profile

Prof Anupama Mittal

Associate Professor Nanocarriers for site-specific drug delivery, Pol... View Profile

Dr Gautam Singhvi

Associate Professor Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics. Nanomedicines ... View Profile

Dr Atish Tulshiram Paul

Associate Professor Natural Product Chemistry; Medicinal Chemistry; Ph... View Profile

Prof Balaram Ghosh

Associate Professor exploring and understanding biological systems at ... View Profile

Dr Deepak Chitkara

Associate Professor Nanomedicines for cancer targeting including nano... View Profile

Dr Aniruddha Roy

Associate Professor Nanomedicine, Targeted drug delivery, Pharmacokine... View Profile

Dr Yuvraj Singh

Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics, Drug Delivery, Parenteral/Nasal Dru... View Profile

Dr Abhijeet Rajendra Joshi

Assistant Professor Pharmacy... View Profile

Dr Kommajosyula Srinivasa Prasad

Assistant Professor Neuropharmacologist with experience in optogenetic... View Profile

Dr Pragyanshu Khare

Assistant Professor Pharmacology... View Profile

Dr Vijaykumar Dayaram Nimbarte

Assistant Professor Pharmacology... View Profile

Dr Ankit Jain

Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics... View Profile

Dr Gautam Kumar

Assistant Professor Natural Products, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Che... View Profile

Dr Jagpreet Singh Sidhu

Assistant Professor Expertisein Synthesis of Organic Fluorophores for ... View Profile

Dr Akash Chaurasiya

Assistant Professor Development of nano-particulate based carrier syst... View Profile

Dr Nirmal Jayabalan

Assistant Professor Organ targeted drug development and deliveryā€¯ fo... View Profile

Dr Radhakrishnan Bharathi

Assistant Professor Bionanotechnology, Nano-fertilizers, Plant-microbe... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Sundriyal

Assistant Professor Medicinal Chemistry, Computer-aided drug design, D... View Profile

Dr Murali Monohar Pandey

Assistant Professor Solubility Enhancement of Poorly Soluble Drugs; De... View Profile

Dr Richa Shrivastava

Assistant Professor Pharmacology and Toxicology... View Profile

Dr Mahesh Radhakrishnan

Senior Professor [I] Drug design & synthesis of; (a) Serotonergic ... View Profile

Prof Kamal Ahmed

Emeritus Professor Multi-disciplinary research programmes including o... View Profile

Prof Perumal Yogeeswari

Senior Professor Drug Design and Synthesis, Drug Screening... View Profile

Prof Dharmarajan Sriram

Senior Professor Tuberculosis drug discovery ... View Profile