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Dr Ashwin Srinivasan

Senior Professor Symbolic Machine Learning especially Inductive Log... View Profile

Dr Navneet Goyal

Professor Data ware housing... View Profile

Prof Vinayak Naik

Professor IoT, Mobile Computing, Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Sudeept Mohan

Professor Computer Science Engineering Mathematics Physics a... View Profile

Prof Janardan Prasad Misra

Professor File System Related Issues for Real-time and Embed... View Profile

Dr Poonam Goyal

Professor Image Retrieval for Complex Queries Image Tagging ... View Profile

Dr Bharat Deshpande

Professor Complexity Theory; Algorithms; Data Mining... View Profile

Dr Neena Goveas

Professor main theme of research work is to study complex sy... View Profile

Dr Chittaranjan Hota

Professor Dr. Hota specializes in artificial intelligence, m... View Profile

Dr Lalita Bhanu Murthy Neti

Professor Machine Learning; Software Analytics; Software Eng... View Profile

Dr Sangili Vadivel

Professor Web services, Service Oriented Architecture... View Profile

Dr Balakrishnan Vijayakumar

Professor Multimedia Information Retrieval, Cloud Computing... View Profile

Ms Sapna Sadhwani

Lecturer Computer Networking; Network Security Machine Lear... View Profile

Prof Mukesh Kumar Rohil

Associate Professor Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Multimedia... View Profile

Dr Yashvardhan Sharma

Associate Professor Software Engineering - OOAD, Testing Sentiment An... View Profile

Dr Basabdatta Sen Bhattacharya

Associate Professor tbd... View Profile

Dr Biju K Raveendran

Associate Professor Operating Systems: Real - time / Embedded Operatin... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Kumar Sahay

Associate Professor Information Security, Applied Artificial Intellige... View Profile

Dr Snehanshu Saha

Associate Professor Snehanshu Saha holds Masters Degree in Mathematica... View Profile

Dr Sravan Danda

Associate Professor Mathematical Morphology, Combinatorial Optimizati... View Profile

Dr Kumar K Pradheep

Associate Professor Work in Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Dr R Gururaj

Associate Professor Database Technologies including Databases on Cloud... View Profile

Dr G Geethakumari

Associate Professor Prof. G Geethakumari Prof. Geetha joined the Dept.... View Profile

Dr Aruna Malapati

Associate Professor Software engineering... View Profile

Dr Tathagata Ray

Associate Professor The focus area of my research work is mesh generat... View Profile

Dr Nikumani Choudhury

Associate Professor Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks; Wireless... View Profile

Dr Sujala D. Shetty

Associate Professor Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT... View Profile

Dr Kotakula Haribabu

Assistant Professor Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Cloud Computing ... View Profile

Dr Virendra Singh Shekhawat

Assistant Professor Software Defined Networking, Information Centric N... View Profile

Dr Vishal Gupta

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks ; Multi-criteria decision making... View Profile

Dr Vandana Agarwal

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recogni... View Profile

Dr Avinash Gautam

Assistant Professor Swarm Robotics, Multi-Agent Robotic Systems, Coord... View Profile

Dr Sundaresan Raman

Assistant Professor Medical Image Analysis, Scientific Visualization M... View Profile

Dr Kamlesh Tiwari

Assistant Professor Machine Learning Computer Vision Multimodal Biome... View Profile

Dr Ashutosh Bhatia

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Vehiculer Adhoc Network... View Profile

Dr Shashank Gupta

Assistant Professor Web Security, Wireless Sensor Networks, Fog Comput... View Profile

Dr Pratik Narang

Assistant Professor Remote sensing image analysis Computer vision in ... View Profile

Dr Amitesh Singh Rajput

Assistant Professor Privacy-Preservation Multimedia Computing Cloud Co... View Profile

Dr Vinti Agarwal

Assistant Professor Graph mining, machine learning, deep learning, sem... View Profile

Dr L. Rajya Lakshmi

Assistant Professor Handover management, routing, scheduling, and cros... View Profile

Dr Tanmaya Mahapatra

Assistant Professor Model-driven Software Development for Big Data Sys... View Profile

Dr Jagat Sesh Challa

Assistant Professor Big Data Analytics Stream Analytics Data Indexing ... View Profile

Dr Anguraj Baskar

Assistant Professor Formal Languages and Automata Theory; Logic in Co... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Singh

Assistant Professor I am interested in several areas of theoretical co... View Profile

Dr Aditya Challa

Assistant Professor Mathematical Morphology, Machine Learning Algorith... View Profile

Dr Anup Basil Mathew

Assistant Professor Verification and Synthesis of Programs, Logic in C... View Profile

Mr Hemant Rathore

Assistant Professor Malware Analysis ; Network Security ; Cryptograp... View Profile

Dr Kanchan Manna

Assistant Professor Design, Analysis and Optimization of Network-on-Ch... View Profile

Dr Pritam Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Approximation Algorithms, Computational Geometry, ... View Profile

Dr Raj K Jaiswal

Assistant Professor Vehicular Network; Cyber Security; Routing; IOT... View Profile

Dr Ramprasad Joshi

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing; Analysis of Heuristic... View Profile

Ms Rizwan Parveen

Assistant Professor Software Engineering Approaches for Cyber-Physical... View Profile

Dr Shubhangi Gawali

Assistant Professor Computer science... View Profile

Dr Sougata Sen

Assistant Professor Mobile Computing; Wearable Sensing; Pervasive an... View Profile

Dr Soumyadip Bandyopadhyay

Assistant Professor Formal Methods; Software Verification; Translation... View Profile

Dr Swati Agarwal

Assistant Professor Social Computing, Social Informatics, Text Mining ... View Profile

Dr Sujith Thomas

Assistant Professor ognitive Science, Data Science, Artificial Intelli... View Profile

Dr Surjya Ghosh

Assistant Professor Human Computer Interaction; Machine Learning; Appl... View Profile

Dr Swaroop Joshi

Assistant Professor Computing education, Accessibility, Software engin... View Profile

Dr Tanmay Tulsidas Verlekar

Assistant Professor Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Biometrics; Gai... View Profile

Mr Tirtharaj Dash

Assistant Professor Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Le... View Profile

Dr Barsha Mitra

Assistant Professor I work in the domain of System Security and Cyber ... View Profile

Dr Suvadip Batabyal

Assistant Professor Mobile Opportunistic/Delay Tolerant Networks; Devi... View Profile

Dr Subhrakanta Panda

Assistant Professor Program Slicing / Change Impact Analysis / Aspect ... View Profile

Dr Lov Kumar

Assistant Professor Software Metrics; Software Quality; Quality of Ser... View Profile

Dr Jabez J Christopher

Assistant Professor The main contribution of Jabez's research work is... View Profile

Dr Paresh Saxena

Assistant Professor Dr. Paresh Saxena is an Assistant Professor in the... View Profile

Dr Rajib Ranjan Maiti

Assistant Professor Delay Tolerant Networks: Develop efficient routing... View Profile

Dr Manjanna Basappa

Assistant Professor Algorithms, Computational Geometry... View Profile

Dr Manik Gupta

Assistant Professor Data collection and analysis for environmental mon... View Profile

Dr Dipanjan Chakraborty

Assistant Professor I have started the Responsible Technologies Resea... View Profile

Dr Venkatakrishnan Ramaswamy

Assistant Professor The brain, fundamentally, is a computational devic... View Profile

Dr D V N Siva Kumar

Assistant Professor r. D.V. N. Siva Kumar joined the Department of Com... View Profile

Dr Mrityunjay Singh

Assistant Professor roadly interested in Theoretical Computer Science ... View Profile

Dr Apurba Das

Assistant Professor Dynamic and streaming graphs, dense subgraph explo... View Profile

Dr Raghunath Reddy Madireddy

Assistant Professor Dr. Raghunath Reddy M is currently working as an A... View Profile

Dr Ayan Das

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Inf... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Mishra

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Amit Dua

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Raja Muthalagu

Assistant Professor Wireless Communications, Image Processing, Cogni... View Profile

Dr Siddhaling Urolagin

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, Neura... View Profile

Dr Angel Arul Jothi

Assistant Professor Image processing, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining... View Profile

Dr Razia Sulthana

Assistant Professor Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Tamizharasan Periyasamy

Assistant Professor High Performance Computing , Deep Learning... View Profile

Dr Pranav Mothabhau Pawar

Assistant Professor Resource allocation and QoS in wireless networks G... View Profile

Dr Pramod Gaur

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data Mining, Non-stationary Sign... View Profile


Assistant Professor Computer science... View Profile

Dr Asish Bera

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, Computer Vis... View Profile

Dr Sameera Muhamed Salam

Assistant Professor Algorithmic, structural and combinatorial problems... View Profile

Dr Pragati Shrivastava

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Software-Defined Networking, Ne... View Profile

Dr Aritra Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Semantic SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mappi... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Das

Assistant Professor Computer science... View Profile

Dr Arnab Kumar Paul

Assistant Professor Distributed Systems; Parallel File Systems; High... View Profile

Dr Aneesh Sreevallabh Chivukula

Assistant Professor Computational Algorithms, Machine Learning, Superv... View Profile

Dr Tejasvi Alladi

Assistant Professor Internet of Things (IoT); Vehicular Networks; Dr... View Profile

Dr Jay Kamlesh Dave

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing; Information Security; Applied C... View Profile

Dr Prajna Devi Upadhyay

Assistant Professor Bionanotechnology, Nano-fertilizers, Plant-microbe... View Profile

Dr Kunal Korgaonkar

Assistant Professor Computer Architectures... View Profile

Dr Bharat Richhariya

Assistant Professor Computer science... View Profile

Dr Narasimha Bolloju

Visiting Professor Software Engineering... View Profile

Dr Diptendu Chatterjee

Visiting Faculty Combinatorics. Graph Theory. Algorithms. Combin... View Profile

Mr N.B Harikrishnan

Visiting Faculty Data Science... View Profile