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Prof V. Ramgopal Rao

Vice Chancellor Nanoelectronics Technology Aware Design Challenges... View Profile

Dr Alivelu Manga Parimi

Professor U of Technology Petronas, Malaysia Area: Power Sys... View Profile

Dr Mukund Deshmukh

Professor Electrical Energy and Systems Engineering, · ... View Profile

Dr VVSN Prabhakar Rao Budhiraju

Professor VLSI architecture for Digital Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr Subhendu Kumar Sahoo

Professor Research Interest VLSI Arithmetic circuits for sig... View Profile

Prof Abhijit Rameshwar Asati

Professor (a)VLSI design, Micro/ Nano electronics, VLSI test... View Profile

Dr Sukumaran Nair Sindhu

Professor Molecular Electronics... View Profile

Dr A Amalin Prince

Professor Reconfigurable Computing, Hardware-Software Codesi... View Profile

Prof Dheerendra Singh

Professor Power Electronics, Power System, Hybrid Compensato... View Profile


Professor Artificial Intelligence, fuzzy logic for modeling ... View Profile


Professor Digital Signal & Image Processing, Medical Image P... View Profile


Professor Outstanding teaching practices and video lessons i... View Profile

Dr Dipankar Pal

Professor Ultra low transconductor for sub-hz filtering; Cur... View Profile

Prof C.K Ramesha

Professor Fabrication of Ohmic and Schottky contacts to semi... View Profile

Dr Mandalika B SRINIVAS

Professor Computer / VLSI Arithmetic, Emerging Memory Techno... View Profile

Dr Sanket Goel

Professor MEMS, Microfluidics & Nanoelectronics (MMNE) lab i... View Profile

Prof Navneet Gupta

Professor Modeling of Micro/Nano Electronic Devices, Flexibl... View Profile

Prof Hari Om Bansal

Professor Energy Optimization in Hybrid/Electric Vehicles (... View Profile

Prof Karunesh Kumar Gupta

Professor Digital Signal Processing, Instrumentation & Contr... View Profile

Dr Vinod Kumar Chaubey

Professor Analog Electronics, Semiconductor Optoelectronic d... View Profile

Dr Anu Gupta

Professor Mixed Signal VLSI Design, HDL Synthesis and FPGA A... View Profile

Dr Hitesh Dutt Mathur

Professor Smart Grid IoT based energy management system Grid... View Profile

Dr Radhika Sudha

Associate Professor Power Electronics... View Profile

Dr Anita Bhagirathji Agrawal

Associate Professor System study and simulation using Verilog HDL ; E... View Profile

Dr Joshi Soumya

Associate Professor Network-on-Chip design, Application Specific Synth... View Profile

Dr Venkateswaran Rajgopalan

Associate Professor Biomedical signal /image processing, Machine Learn... View Profile

Dr Nitin Sharma

Associate Professor My areas of Research include Resource allocation f... View Profile

Dr Runa Kumari

Associate Professor Antenna (Dielectric Resonator, Log periodic, Recon... View Profile

Prof Prasant Kumar Pattnaik

Associate Professor Photonics, Optical Communications, Photonic Integr... View Profile

Dr Surya Shankar Dan

Associate Professor Device physics of `beyond CMOS', Analytical modeli... View Profile


Associate Professor Communication Systems and VLSI design... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Pethe

Associate Professor CMOS Scaling, Device Physics, Nanoelectronics, MOS... View Profile

Dr Gautam G Bacher

Associate Professor Modelling and Simulation of micro/nano biosensor d... View Profile

Dr Syed Mohammad Zafaruddin

Associate Professor Communications Systems, Distributed Signal Process... View Profile


Associate Professor Renewable Energy Energy conservation / management... View Profile


Associate Professor Biomedical Instrumentation Process Control & Inst... View Profile

Dr Vilas Haridas Gaidhane

Associate Professor Image processing & AI applications, Control System... View Profile


Associate Professor Power Electronics applications to Power System... View Profile

Dr Harish Kumar J R

Associate Professor EEE... View Profile

Dr Shazia Hasan

Associate Professor Bio Medical Signal/ Image Processing, Artificial I... View Profile

Dr Rahul Singhal

Associate Professor Optical Waveguides and Devices, Antenna & Wave Pro... View Profile

Dr A.V Praveen Kumar

Associate Professor Microwave engineering - antennas, material charac... View Profile

Dr Vinay Chamola

Associate Professor Internet of Things, Green Cellular networks, Drone... View Profile

Dr Sainath Bitragunta

Associate Professor Communication Systems, Modeling, Design, and analy... View Profile

Dr Rajneesh Kumar

Associate Professor Electronics and Control, Soft Switching Invertors... View Profile

Dr Nitin Chaturvedi

Associate Professor VLSI Design, Computer Architecture... View Profile

Dr Pawan Kamalkishor Ajmera

Associate Professor Signal Processing, Biometrics... View Profile

Dr Arnab Hazra

Associate Professor Electronic Devices, Nanomaterials, Graphene, Chemi... View Profile

Dr Hrishikesh Shashikant Sonalikar

Assistant Professor Radomes... View Profile

Dr Soumyabrata Barik

Assistant Professor Electrical Power Systems, Electrical Distribution ... View Profile

Dr Naveen Gupta

Assistant Professor Wireless Communications... View Profile

Dr Ravi Kadlimatti

Assistant Professor Wireless communications; Radar; Digital signal pr... View Profile

Dr Ashish Chittora

Assistant Professor Microwave Engineering, Antenna Design (High Power ... View Profile

Dr Kizheppatt Vipin

Assistant Professor My research is broadly focused on embedded systems... View Profile

Dr Anurag Nishad

Assistant Professor Non-stationary signal processing (physiological si... View Profile

Dr Subhradeep Pal

Assistant Professor Silicon Photonics, Photonic Integrated Circuits, O... View Profile

Dr Srimath Tirumala Pallerlamudi Srinivas

Assistant Professor Power System Analysis, optimization, microgrids, o... View Profile

Dr Pratyush Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Power System, Control Theory, Game Theory, Cyber-P... View Profile

Dr Kamath M Gopal Krishna

Assistant Professor Control and Security of Cyber-Physical Systems, In... View Profile

Dr Apurba Chakraborty

Assistant Professor 1. Reliability investigation (trapping effect... View Profile

Dr Malayappan Balasubramanian

Assistant Professor Optical MEMS, Inertial Navigation Sensing System O... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Panda

Assistant Professor VLSI Architectural Design, VLSI Architecture for P... View Profile

Dr Sudeep Baudha

Assistant Professor Antenna Design;Microwave Components... View Profile

Dr Manoj Subhash Kakade

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Chirayu Amita Dilip Athalye

Assistant Professor Bionanotechnology, Nano-fertilizers, Plant-microbe... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Vasan

Assistant Professor Semiconductor device scientist with an emphasis on... View Profile

Dr Joyjit Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Control Theory; Robotics; Aerospace Control; Hu... View Profile

Dr Amit Panda

Assistant Professor VLSI architectural design, FPGA based system desig... View Profile

Dr Arun Raman

Assistant Professor Personalized Translation. Autogenerating problems... View Profile

Dr Ravikiran Yeleswarapu

Assistant Professor Reseaarch Areas: Computer architecture, IOT, New c... View Profile

Dr Mahendra Singh Tomar

Assistant Professor Networked Cyber Physical Systems: Optimal feedback... View Profile

Dr Nilesh Goel

Assistant Professor Device reliability, and Circuit design, Neuromorph... View Profile

Dr Manish Gupta

Assistant Professor Emerging Semiconductor Devices, Steep Switching Tr... View Profile

Dr Sarang C Dhongdi

Assistant Professor Dr. Sarang C. Dhongdi is Assistant Professor in De... View Profile

Dr Pravin Mane

Assistant Professor VLSI Designs; Approximate Arithmetic Circuits and ... View Profile

Dr Narayan Suresh Manjarekar

Assistant Professor Dynamics and Control, Nonlinear control systems, ... View Profile

Dr Ankur Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Hybrid Microgrid... View Profile

Dr Suparna Chakraborty

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Kranthi Kumar Palavalasa

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sudarshan Swain

Assistant Professor Grid Integration of Solar Power, Power Quality, A... View Profile

Dr Sayan Kanungo

Assistant Professor Semiconductor Devices, 2D Materials, Nanomaterials... View Profile

Dr Prashant Kallappa Wali

Assistant Professor Green Communications in Broadband Wireless Networ... View Profile

Dr Ashish Patel

Assistant Professor Renewable energy, microgrids, Power electronics fo... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Joshi

Assistant Professor Device to Device Communications, B5G/6G Communicat... View Profile

Dr Rahul Kumar

Assistant Professor Electronic devices, Semiconductor physics, Materia... View Profile

Dr Sai Sesha Chalapathi Gattupalli

Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Edge Computing and Embedded Sy... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Arora

Assistant Professor Plasmonics, Graphene, 2D Materials, Microfluidics,... View Profile

Dr Puneet Mishra

Assistant Professor Process Control, Intelligent Adaptive Control, Con... View Profile

Dr Sujan Yenuganti

Assistant Professor Design and development of sensors using smart mate... View Profile

Dr Bijoy Krishna Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Control Systems, Flight Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Meetha .V. Shenoy

Assistant Professor Embedded Systems, Robotics and Autonomous Systems,... View Profile

Dr Sharda Tripathi

Assistant Professor Communication networks, AI powered solutions for I... View Profile

Dr Aditya R Gautam

Assistant Professor Control of power electronics converters, Microgrid... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar Tripathy

Assistant Professor Digital Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr Chetan Kumar Vudadha

Assistant Professor Computer Arithmetic, CNFET based MVL Circuits, FPG... View Profile

Dr Sourav Nandi

Assistant Professor Microwave Engineering... View Profile

Dr Satyendra Kumar Mourya

Assistant Professor Semiconductor materials and devices, VLSI technolo... View Profile

Dr R N Ponnalagu

Assistant Professor Sensors, Instrumentation,Signal processing, Signal... View Profile

Dr Parshuram Sahatiya Parikshit

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials for Flexible Electronic devices... View Profile

Dr Syed Ershad Ahmed

Assistant Professor LSI Arithmetic Circuits, Low Power VLSI Design... View Profile

Dr Mithun Mondal

Assistant Professor Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Transforme... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kumar Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Digital VLSI Design, Video Compression... View Profile

Dr Harish Vijay Dixit

Assistant Professor Electromagnetics / Microwave... View Profile

Dr S. Gurunarayanan

Senior Professor Embedded Systems, Digital Design, VLSI Architectur... View Profile

Prof Anupama Karuppiah

Senior Professor I work in network embedded systems that covers - r... View Profile

Dr Pritesh Kumar Yadav

Visiting Assistant Professor EEE... View Profile

Dr Pranay Agarwal

Visiting Assistant Professor EEE... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Rano

Visiting Professor Electrical... View Profile

Dr Upendra Mohan Bhatt

Visiting Professor Electrical... View Profile

Dr Sukriti Garg

Visiting Professor Electrical Engineering – Optical Networks... View Profile

Dr Anakhi Hazarika

Visiting Assistant Professor Embedded System Design, Edge AI hardware, Computer... View Profile

Dr Niranjan Raj

Visiting Assistant Professor EEE... View Profile