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Dr Raj Kumar Gupta

Professor Thin films of liquid crystals, nanomaterials and n... View Profile

Dr Anshuman Dalvi

Professor Development and characterization of Na+ ion polyme... View Profile

Dr Debi Datt Pant

Professor Laser Spectroscopy;UV-visible Spectrophotometer 2.... View Profile

Prof Debashis Bandyopadhyay

Professor understanding of fundamental features that control... View Profile

Dr V. Manjuladevi

Professor Soft Condensed Matter;Electro-optic and Dielectric... View Profile

Dr Rashmi Ranjan Mishra

Professor Electron Momentum Density Electrical Transport in... View Profile

Dr Souri Banerjee

Professor Extensive use of Clean Room ( Class-100 to 10,000... View Profile

Dr P.K Thiruvikraman

Professor Digital Image Processing Pattern Recognition / Mac... View Profile

Dr Aranya Bhuti Bhattacherjee

Professor Quantum optics, Quantum Photonics, Quantum Sensors... View Profile

Dr Prasanta Kumar Das

Professor Theoretical High Energy Physicist and work in the... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Kulkarni

Professor Nuclear Physics :- Few body systems, Intermediate ... View Profile

Dr Patincharath Nandakumar

Professor 'Optical properties of Semiconductor Quantum Dots'... View Profile

Dr Rakesh Choubisa

Associate Professor (e, 2e) processes on atomic and ionic targets (e, ... View Profile

Dr Amol R Holkundkar

Associate Professor Laser plasma interaction... View Profile

Dr Jayendra Nath Bandyopadhyay

Associate Professor Quantum Chaos, Floquet Engineered Systems and Atto... View Profile

Dr Kaushar R Vaidya

Associate Professor Star formation Triggered star formation Massive st... View Profile

Dr Madhukar Mishra

Associate Professor HE Particle Physics;Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) Physi... View Profile

Dr Navin Singh

Associate Professor Physics of biological systems like DNA, RNA or Pro... View Profile

Dr Niladri Sarkar

Associate Professor Computational Electrodynamics Physics of Nano-Scal... View Profile

Dr Rishikesh D Vaidya

Associate Professor Largely Particle Physics Phenomenology involving a... View Profile

Dr Subhashis Gangopadhyay

Associate Professor My research area mostly involved in the field of s... View Profile

Dr Tapomoy Guha Sarkar

Associate Professor Theoretical Cosmology;Theoretical Cosmology Struc... View Profile

Dr Kannan Ramaswamy

Associate Professor Energy Sustainability and Energy materials; Magne... View Profile

Dr Aravinda Narayanan Raghavan

Associate Professor Active matter. ยท Biofilms - Structure and ... View Profile

Dr Meenakshi Viswanathan

Associate Professor NANOSCALE PATTERNING o Patterning at nanoscale ... View Profile

Dr Subhash Narayan Karbelkar

Associate Professor Optics, Wave propagation in random media, gravita... View Profile

Dr B. Harihara Venkataraman

Associate Professor Ferroelectric/Multiferroic materials for memory an... View Profile

Dr Sarmishtha Banik

Associate Professor Physics of core-collapse supernova and neutron sta... View Profile

Prof V Satya Narayana Murthy

Associate Professor Magnetic thin films, Magnetic nano-structures, ... View Profile

Dr Rahul Nigam

Associate Professor Astrophysics (Galactic Dynamics, Gravitational Wav... View Profile

Dr Radhika Vathsan

Associate Professor research interests include Mathematical Physics (f... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Dar

Associate Professor My research interest lie in studying systems whose... View Profile

Dr Tarun Kumar Jha

Associate Professor Nuclear Astrophysics... View Profile

Dr Teny Theresa John

Associate Professor Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors (DMS), semiconducti... View Profile

Dr Toby Joseph

Associate Professor Current research interests My research interests ... View Profile

Dr Ram Shanker Patel

Associate Professor Transport and magnetic properties of ion beam sput... View Profile

Dr Raghunath Ratabole

Associate Professor Bound state problem in Quantum Field Theory... View Profile

Dr Chandradew Sharma

Associate Professor B meson decays, Physics beyond the Standard model,... View Profile

Dr Ethirajulu Senthamarai Kannan

Associate Professor Condensed Matter Physics... View Profile

Dr Biswanath Layek

Assistant Professor Topological defects in the early universe : observ... View Profile

Dr Sandipan Dutta

Assistant Professor Soft Condensed Matter Physics; Biophysics - Meltin... View Profile

Dr Srijata Dey

Assistant Professor Thin films: preparation & characterization with di... View Profile

Dr Sashideep Gutti

Assistant Professor 1) General Relativity 2) Mathematical Physics 3) Q... View Profile

Dr K V S Shiv Chaitanya

Assistant Professor Mathematical Physics: Quantum Hamilton Jacobi, Exc... View Profile

Dr Asrarul Haque

Assistant Professor Quantum Field Theory, Particle Physics, Non-local ... View Profile

Dr Prasant Kumar Samantray

Assistant Professor AdS/CFT Correspondence, Phase Transitions in Matri... View Profile

Dr Swastik Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Classical and Semiclassical Theory of Black Holes ... View Profile

Dr Subrahmanya Bhima Sankar

Assistant Professor Quantum optics, Quantum metrology, and Hybrid quan... View Profile

Dr Kinjal Banerjee

Assistant Professor Classical and Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, Quantum ... View Profile

Dr Rudranil Basu

Assistant Professor Holographic principle for asymptotically flat spac... View Profile

Dr Swastibrata Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor Theoretical and Computational Condensed Mater Phy... View Profile

Dr Deepak Narayana Murthy Pachattu

Assistant Professor I worked in the area of theoretical nuclear physic... View Profile

Dr Sunilkumar Vattezhath

Assistant Professor Supersymmetric field theories in Lifshitz space ti... View Profile

Dr Indrani Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Understanding self-assembly in soft-matter and bio... View Profile

Dr Indrakshi Raychowdhury

Assistant Professor 1) Lattice gauge theory 2) Quantum simulation of ... View Profile

Dr Subhadeep Roy

Assistant Professor Application of Statistical Mechanics to explore di... View Profile

Dr Prasad A. Naik

Visiting Professor He has worked on research with ultra-short pulse (... View Profile

Dr Arnab Roy

Visiting Professor Condensed Matter Physics, Experimental... View Profile