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Dr Reena Cheruvalath

Professor Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Education, ... View Profile

Dr Gajendra Singh Chauhan

Professor Business and Advertizing Communication Applied Lin... View Profile

Dr Alamelu Geetha Krishnamurthy

Professor Dalit Literature, Post Colonial Literatures, Cu... View Profile

Dr Geetha Bakilapadavu

Professor Film Studies, Digital Humanities (with special foc... View Profile

Dr Shazi Shah Jabeen

Professor Linguistics, Communication, Sustainability, Sustai... View Profile

Dr Prasuna M G

Professor English Language and Literature; Professional Comm... View Profile

Dr Virendra Singh Nirban

Professor Educational Informatics, Governance Informatics, ... View Profile

Prof Shalini Upadhyay

Professor Communication (Corporate and Crisis), Spiritual In... View Profile

Dr Sushila Shekhawat

Professor Film Studies, Feminism, Film & Fiction, Indian Wri... View Profile

Dr Devika Sangwan

Professor Feminism, Cinema, Language & Literature, Communica... View Profile

Prof Sangeeta Sharma

Professor Advertising, Communication, ELT, Media Studies ... View Profile

Dr Pushp Lata

Professor Business Communication, ELT, Soft Skills, Computer... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Chaturvedi

Associate Professor Climate Change, Forests ecology and Public Policy... View Profile

Dr Nilak Datta

Associate Professor Postmodernism, American Fiction, Tourism Theory, L... View Profile

Dr Rayson K. Alex

Associate Professor Environmental Humanities; Indian Indigenous Ecocr... View Profile

Dr Shilpaa Anand

Associate Professor Shilpaa Anand researches in the interdisciplinary ... View Profile

Dr Lavanya Suresh

Associate Professor Her work focuses on the political ecology of land-... View Profile

Dr Basavadatta Mitra

Associate Professor Renaissance Drama, Cross cultural communication... View Profile

Dr Biswanath Dash

Associate Professor My current research interests are mainly in two br... View Profile

Dr Kathryn Hummel

Associate Professor Researches at the intersection of ethnography, cul... View Profile

Dr Maya Vinai

Associate Professor Literature... View Profile

Dr Suchismita Satpathy

Associate Professor The political economy of urban space; Urban gover... View Profile

Dr Rajneesh Choubisa

Associate Professor Dr Rajneesh Choubisa is an Associate Professor of ... View Profile

Dr Sailaja Nandigama

Associate Professor Development Studies, Political Science, Environmen... View Profile

Dr Sanjiv Kumar Choudhary

Associate Professor Phonetics, Systemic Functional Linguistics, ELT ... View Profile

Dr Kumar Neeraj Sachdev

Associate Professor Normative Ethics, Ethical Issues in Professions, ... View Profile

Dr Tanu Shukla

Associate Professor Education, Applied Social Psychology, Educational ... View Profile

Dr Harikrishnan Gopinadhan Nair

Associate Professor Gandhi Studies; History of Political Thought; Uni... View Profile

Dr Anhiti Patnaik

Assistant Professor Cultural Criminology, Queer Theory, Digital Humani... View Profile

Dr Spandan Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor I have worked as a Post-Doctoral fellow at the dep... View Profile

Dr A. K. Jayesh

Assistant Professor Buddhist philosophy, cross-cultural philosophy, me... View Profile

Dr Aruna Lolla

Assistant Professor Her research in the field of Literature started wi... View Profile

Dr Mrutuyanjaya Sahu

Assistant Professor Public Policy & Governance, Migration and Diaspora... View Profile

Dr Santosh Mahapatra

Assistant Professor Online teacher development, digital literacies and... View Profile

Dr Pranesh Bhargava

Assistant Professor So far, I have done research in clinical and biome... View Profile

Dr Sayantan Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Environmental Humanities, Geographical Humanities,... View Profile

Dr Harsh Mittal

Assistant Professor Harsh Mittal is interested in researching politics... View Profile

Dr S Aswini

Assistant Professor Human Resource Development, Psychology... View Profile

Dr Asgar Ali

Assistant Professor Social science... View Profile

Dr Faisal Nazir Zargar

Assistant Professor Volatility Modeling, Financial Risk Management, Cr... View Profile

Dr Shamshad Ahmad Khan

Assistant Professor International Politics, International Political Ec... View Profile

Dr Mohan Bera

Assistant Professor Disaster Management, Environmental Adaptation, Tri... View Profile

Dr Sartaj Rasool Rather

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics and Policy... View Profile

Dr Amitendu Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Literary Studies... View Profile

Dr Sayantani Sarkar

Assistant Professor Her research interests include contemporary urban... View Profile

Dr Madhurima Das

Assistant Professor Gender Studies,Sociology of Mothering and Family, ... View Profile

Dr Sunita Raina

Assistant Professor Sociology, Social Studies of Science and Technolog... View Profile

Dr Anupam Yadav

Assistant Professor Western & Continental Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Ph... View Profile

Dr Veena Ramchandran

Assistant Professor Political Theory, Political Sociology, Internation... View Profile

Dr Chintalapalli Vijayakumar

Assistant Professor English (English Language Teaching)... View Profile

Dr Paul Mathew

Assistant Professor Literature & Film; Popular Culture; Youth subcultu... View Profile

Dr A.G Hareesh

Assistant Professor Philosophy of Biology (Species problem); Metaphysi... View Profile

Dr Bidisha Banerjee

Assistant Professor Health and Mental Health, Social and Cultural Psyc... View Profile

Dr Solano Jose Savio Da Silva

Assistant Professor Development Studies,Political Science... View Profile

Dr Prateek

Assistant Professor Theatre Studies, Ecocriticism, Gender Studies, Got... View Profile

Dr Tony Sebastian

Visiting Faculty Humanities... View Profile

Dr Anil Rai

Visiting Professor Appreciation of Music, Logic & Science of Music, M... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Subramanian

Visiting Professor y research interests have evolved since I began wo... View Profile

Dr Nilanjana Goswami

Visiting Faculty Her research interests are Ageing, Gender and Educ... View Profile